William Henry BROOKES born & died 1895 (General)

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Thanks Sheila,
"The 1911 Census states that Alice had had three children, 2 of whom had died.".....Does this mean that Teddy out survived his half sister Winifred MORGAN and his brother William Henry BROOKES? If so how did they die?

Hi Ed,
MPG tells us William was baptised August 1895 (full PR in this site's database).

FreeBMD carries these records, it seems likely they are both the same boy.

Births Sep 1895 (>99%)
Brookes William Henry Monmouth 11a 25

Deaths Sep 1895 (>99%)
Brookes William Henry 0 Monmouth 11a 12

I cannot find William in the later Census' using FamilySearch site.

Here is the Burial from this sites PRs; the dates plus placename indicates it is our William. Perhaps he was very poorly from Birth, hence the private Baptism...

Record_ID: 10019
Entry_Number: 587
Year: 1895
Month: Sep
Day: 7
Surname: BROOKS
Forenames: William Henry
Residence: Clearwell
Age_at_death: 14 days
Officiating_Minister: C. Floddard Vicar
Event: Burial
Register_Reference: P88 IN 1/7
Page_No: 75
Parish_Chapel: Clearwell
Soundex: B620

Ed, please see my other post re Winifred.

If I correctly understand Sheila's post wrt 1911 Census, Alice lost another child too. I've searched this site's PRs for a possible Brook(e)s or Morgan burial in Clearwell, but haven't found any that seem to fit.

I'm surprised to find that ticking the Soundex box when searching "Brooks" does not enable us to also find "Brookes" in the same search, altho it does find "Brooke" and many other names that don't sound much like either. Hence I've searched both spellings separately.

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