Thomas Edwin BROOKES - WW1 Military Appeal Tribunal (General)

by BigEd, Thursday, February 23, 2017, 10:50 (1236 days ago) @ Jefff

Greetings all,
Can anyone explain the outcome of the tribunal to me?

"Record_ID: 526
Sheet_Number: 260
Case/Appeal_Number: 6922
Local Tribunal Name: West Dean
Local Tribunal Case Number: 545
Surname: BROOKES
Forenames: Thomas Edwin
Address 1: Brooklyn Ho.
Address 2: Clearwell
Occupation: Asst. School Master
Class of Case: R[e]
Date papers sent to Tribunal: _
Decision of Appeal Tribunal and Date: Dismissed 24/7/17
Soundex: B622

What does “Decision of Appeal Tribunal and Date: Dismissed 24/7/17” mean?
Does this mean that Teddy's appeal against conscription was dismissed or was he dismissed and not conscripted?
If his appeal was dismissed what would have happened to him?


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