James BRAIN, innkeeper in Cinderford. (General)

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The Bell, Cinderford, gets a dozen or so mentions in the BNA after 1900. Most are to do with misdemeanours committed by customers but there is also this one,

BNA Gloucester Journal - Saturday 22 October 1910

At Mr. T. Whatley's instance, temporary transfer was granted of the license of the Railway HoteL,Cinderford, from Samuel Meredith to James Brain, landlord of the Bell Inn, High street, Cinderford. It transpired that the Bell is one of the houses to be closed under the operation of the Compensation Act.

The Compensation Act probably refers to the Public House Licensing Acts (1904 – 1910). Licensing Magistrates could now refuse to renew a pub’s licence if it was deemed that the establishment was unnecessary to provide for the needs of the public. This was aimed at reducing the very large number of pubs and beer houses which then existed and arose, at least in part, from the prevailing, strong temperance movement. Compensation was payable but the owner usually got the lion’s share as illustrated below,

BNA Gloucestershire Echo - Tuesday 04 April 1911


…. The compensation authorities had settled the shares of persons entitled to compensation as follows…………..

Bell Inn, Cinderford, James Brain. licensee, £135, Francis Wintle, owner, £1.067

The earliest reference I can see is in 1870 when it was kept by William and Charlotte SLEEMAN.

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