Thomas Edwin BROOKES & Ivy Alexandra Sophia BRAIN (General)

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This article clearly refers to the family. Perhaps there’s some useful information in it?

BNA Gloucester Journal - Saturday 26 April 1941

Mr. and Mrs. James Brain, formerly of Cinderford, have celebrated their Golden Wedding in Gloucester. They were married at Lydbrook Baptist Chapel on April 11, 1891. Mr. Brain, who is about 73 and still very fit, came from Ruardean Hill, and his bride, who has been an invalid for the past two years, lived at Ruardean. They are now living at 3, Oxford Street, Gloucester. Mrs. Brain was Miss Annie Bess Palmer, and both families are well known on the Eastern side of the Forest. Mr. Brain's uncle, Mr. Moses Brain, was manager of the old Foxes Bridge colliery. Mr. and Mrs. Brain were in business in Cinderford for many years. They kept the Old Bell public house at the bottom of the High Street, and when that was closed they went to the Railway Hotel, near the station. Just before the Great War Mr. and Mrs. Brain took a boarding house in George Street, Gloucester, and they have now been in retirement for about 10 years. Two daughters, Mrs. Godfrey Moffatt, the Welsh Harp, London Road and Mrs. S. May, the Railway Hotel, Bristol Road, are engaged in similar business in Gloucester. Another daughter, Mrs. Teddy- Brookes, whose husband comes from Clearwell, is in South Africa, and a son, Mr. Eddie Brain, is in Cheltenham in railway work.

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