Thomas Edwin BROOKES - WW1 Military Appeal Tribunal (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Friday, February 10, 2017, 16:36 (1279 days ago) @ dink999

Hi Dave,
thanks for this, very interesting indeed. Please can you clarify, am I correct in thinking the newspapers never actually named the men whose tribunals were being heard ?. I ask as in the past I've tried searching various surnames in the BNA newspaper archive but without any success. Unfortunately today I don't have full BNA access, which I think from your post is your situation too.

Ref the Gloucestershire Archives record, I see we can thank you for your part in that !. I was going to sugest that Ed could purchase a scan of the relevant page direct from the Archives, as I guess he's not in the UK?, but I now see they're reduced their service while the Archives is being rebuilt ?.

Also Dave, can you also please clarify, the above GlosArchives webpage states
"It is are best used in conjunction with the detailed names index compiled by volunteer David Drinkwater which collates all the information held on individuals in the various Military Tribunal papers held at Gloucestershire Archives. The index can be found on the "Gloucestershire Remembers WW1" page of Gloucestershire Archive's website."

I must admit I'm struggling to navigate their website, reading the webpage linked below, the nearest I can find to this Tribunals index is the Soldiers index, which I don't think is correct. Please can you help find the Tribunals index, or isn't it online ?

Sorry to be even slower than usual today, thanks again, Jeff.

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