Winifred MORGAN, 1880 - 1960 (General)

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Thanks to MPG;

1881 Census, Newland, (Gloucs) Monmouth, Wales
Clearwell Road


William - 62 - born Clearwell
Jane - 57
Richard - 28
Edward - 21
Alice - 19 (b1862)
Winifred MORGAN - Grand-daughter - 0 (this is Alice's child, baptised 8 July 1880 Clearwell).

Ref Sheila's post earlier; here's Alice in 1901 Census. Taken from FamilySearch site so it's POSSIBLE there are other household members who aren't listed as I cannot see the actual Census form. Being reminded now how difficult this can be without having full Census access via the subscription sites !

1901 St Peters Clearwell, Newland, Glos.
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Thomas Brooks Head M 36 KEEPING ROADS CLEAR IN COLLIERY UNDERGROUND. Clearwell, Gloucestershire
Alice Brooks Wife F 39 WIFE. Clearwell, Gloucestershire
Edwin Brooks Son M 6 Clearwell, Gloucestershire

So Thos was born abt 1865, and Alice Mary abt 1862, QED

Really struggling to find likely Death Records for either, anywhere !. (Not rare names)

Hoping it might link into daughter Winifred's life ?

From this site's PRs, here's Winifred;

Record_ID: 69464
Entry_Number: 591
Year: 1880
Month: Jul
Day: 8
Parents_Surname: MORGAN
Child_Forenames: Winifred
Fathers_Forenames: [not stated]
Mothers_Forenames: Alice
Residence: Clearwell
Occupation: [not stated]
Officiating_Minister: H L Perry Vicar
Event: Baptism
Register_Reference: P88 IN 1/2
Page_Number: 74
Parish_Chapel: Clearwell
Soundex: M625

I think this Burial is our Winifred, as the other Winifred Morgans in the PRs have middle names, unlike ours, plus the dates and location are a good fit. It appears that Winifred never married.

Record_ID: 243530
Entry_Number: 782
Year: 1960
Month: Sep
Day: 22
Surname: MORGAN
Forenames: Winifred
Residence: Ferny Hill Dunsley Gloucs.
Age_at_death: 80
Officiating_Minister: G.R.H.Smith
Event: Burial
Memoranda: formerly of Clearwell
Register_Reference: P88 IN 1/8
Page_No: 98
Parish_Chapel: Clearwell
Soundex: M625

This address should read as Dursley, eastwards from the Forest across the Severn.
Googling the address suggests she MAY POSSIBLY have been living at Ferney Hill House, perhaps it was an old people's home in 1960, or maybe she was blind ? - see

Of course there may well have been other housing at Ferney Hill by 1960, the nearest old map I can find is from 1920 when it was still fairly un-developed.
This recent webpage suggests it wasn't too developed by 1960
"the left hand direction going to Ferney and the recent Yellow Hundred development whereas the right hand one climbs up to the Highfields estate."

Unfortunately my Ancestry subscription has expired, otherwise I'd search for Winifred's Will, which may well be helpful.

It's possible she might be found in the 1939 Register, to see her wherabouts and household situation at that time ?? Ditto her parents if still alive ??

One possible link between Dursley and the Forest is the diesel engine makers Listers, based in Dursley but built a satellite factory near Cinderford railway station during WW2; I wonder if this is possibly linked to Winifred moving to Dursley ?.

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