Thomas Edwin BROOKES - WW1 Military Appeal Tribunal (General)

by dink999 @, Thursday, February 23, 2017, 13:20 (1236 days ago) @ BigEd


It's difficult to say what would have happened next, Thomas would have been put into a "catagory" after he completed the National Registration Form in Aug 1915, something like A1, B2 C2 etc.

This would have partly determined when he would have been called up (men could argue that the category they were put in was wrong in an attempt to have it changed and so delay their call up.)

Records that might help include the school logs books, if you know the school at which he was teaching, then Glos Archives might have the relevant log book and some references to him during that period.

If you can tell me the school, then I'll have a look to see what records Glos Archives have, and go from there.


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